Seattle is a lovely city, but it's a bit far away for some people, so we wanted to give everyone some travel tips.

Air Travel

Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SEA) is by far the easiest airport to fly into. We've managed to secure a few discount codes to ease the expense of some major airlines. If there's an airline not on the list that you're interested in flying on, Contact Us and we'll look into getting a discount.

The easiest way to get from the airport into downtown is to ride the Link, our light rail system. It will take you straight to downtown for $2.50. A taxi will cost you at least $30. If you want to rent a car, just remember that you'll have to pay for parking pretty much everywhere.


Seattle has a wide area of lodging options. We recommend that everyone look around and find a place that best fits their needs and budget. That said, we have arranged a few discounts for those interested.

Car Rental

You shouldn't feel the need to rent a car - all our locations are relatively close together, and Seattle has good public transit (buses in the downtown area are even free during the day) and taxis. That said, if you want the freedom to drive yourself around, you can use these discount codes to get a deal on rental cars.