How We Met

Believe it or not, we met at a bar.

Of course, there's a little more to it than that. When Kyle first came to Seattle, he joined a volunteer organization called SeattleWorks thanks to the advice of Mr. Kristian Lau. He met a bunch of great people through that organization (in fact, several SeattleWorks people will be at the wedding), and one of the best was his very first team captain, Andy. Andy and he became friends, and he invited Kyle to a function where he was able to meet some of Andy's college friends. One of these friends was Sarah Wurzburg (yes, another Sarah!). After the function was over, Wurz and Kyle went to meet up with some of Kyle's friends at a bar in Fremont. Well, it turns out Kyle's friends bailed on him, and it was just he and his new friend Wurz hanging out in Fremont. To add to the spice, Wurz invited her roommate, another friend from DePauw. And yes, that person was none other than Sarah Korelin. The three of us had fun that night. So much fun, in fact, that we agreed to meet up on Sunday to watch some football.

Sunday rolls around, and Sarah & Sarah are exhausted; they did NOT want to get up and drive to the restaurant to meet up with this new guy. After a heated bed-to-bed arguement, they eventually decided to go (watching the Bears is never a bad choice) and faithfully showed up on time. The mysterious new guy, however was nowhere to be found. The two Sarahs eventually gave Kyle a call, and he was definitely sleeping. Realizing he had overslept, Kyle quickly hurried to the restaurant and met up with the girls. Despite his tardiness, Sarah K decided she liked Kyle, and she informed him that they were going to be best friends. Pretty good intuition. We were friends for several months, then finally started dating on the fateful date of the 13th (after Sarah had been impressed by Kyle's flan-making skills). Our luck held out though, and just over two and a half years after we started dating, Kyle asked Sarah to marry him.

How We Got Engaged

The engagement itself was a multi-phased process. Kyle went back and forth on how/where to do it, but decided one weekend that the plan was less important than just asking.

Six phases later, Kyle and Sarah were stuffed, exhausted, and engaged. All in all, it was a good day.