Sarah Korelin, Bride

Parents: Al and Kathy Korelin in Semiahmoo, WA
Siblings: Stephanie Korelin in Vancouver, BC and Kim Boyd in Mukliteo, WA
Born: Seoul, South Korea
Raised: Vancouver, WA
Education: Video Art at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN
Work: Buyer for Mrs. Cooks, a locally-owned cooking store, and Media Production for the Korelin Economics Report, the family business
Interests: Baking, vacuuming, skiing, fine dining on the floor (pictured), and stealing water (pictured)

Kyle Hatridge, Groom

Parents: Vic and Shelley Hatridge in Nashville, TN
Siblings: Sarah Sandora in Hunstville, AL
Born: Houston, TX
Raised: Nashville, TN
Education: Engineering and Computer Science at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH
Work: Product Manager for the Windows Business Group at Microsoft, previously a Management Consultant at Monitor Group in Boston, MA
Interests: Cooking/eating, hiking, baseball, traveling, evil pigs (pictured), and aggressive driving (pictured)

Stephanie Korelin, Maid of Honor

Relation: Sister
Residence: Vancouver, BC
Education: University of Montana in Missoula, MT
Work: Office Manager at Ethos Capital Corp.
Interests: Exercising, playing with her dog Cadence, clean towels, nutrition/dieting, and opera singing
Dis-interests: Others touching her face, arson, and driving at night

Kristian Lau, Best Man

Relation: (Almost former) Roommate and college friend
Residence: Berkeley, CA in August
Education: Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH
Work: Getting his MBA at Haas School of Business, previously a Process Engineer for DaVita Inc. in Seattle, WA
Interests: Pirates, pandas, cycling, Costco, Chinese food, and World of Warcraft/Age of Empires/Starcraft
Dis-interests: Spiders, doing laundry, drinking and eating simultaneously, and using Sarah's cookware

Mister Taters (aka Mr. T), Dog of Honor

Relation: Dog
Residence: Foot of bed
Education: Born genuis, none required
Work: Wearing gold chains (pictured) and pitying the fool
Interests: Birds, carrots, stealing socks, sleeping, putting his head out the car window
Dis-interests: Metal grates, concrete floors, baths, and being carried