You might be wondering...What the heck is a lobsterpig, and what does it have to do with your wedding?

Well, it all started with a trip to K-Mart and a jar of peanut butter (don't all good stories start that way?). For his last Homecoming at Dartmouth, Kyle wore a large, inflatable pig costume. Of course, no one was really that surprised to see Kyle dressed as a pig. His first appearance on the pig scene came from the bored mind of Joe Thisle, who drew this gem during an engineering class one day.

Homecoming wouldn't be the last appearance for the pig costume either. It showed up for several Halloweens, including ones at the office (man, it's hard to type at a computer desk in that suit). It also made appearances on various forms of public transit, and it even went on a 4+ mile hike, which it barely survived. Of course, the hike was worth it because it allowed piggy to sneak into the campsite at midnight, his face lit by the creepy glow of a flashlight, and scare the bejesus out of his fellow campers. Since then, pigs have been the inspiration for many items in Kyle's apartment, from stuffed animals to cutting boards to trivets and much, much more.

Lobsters, on the other hand, were always Sarah's thing. We're not exactly sure how it came to pass, but it did. Much like pigs in Kyle's apartment, Sarah's life now has a number of lobster artifacts in it. Most famously, Mr. Taters has an excellent lobster costume that he wears when he's feeling a little snippy. On a recent trip up to Vancouver, BC to visit Sarah's sister Stephanie, another lobster was added to the family. His name is Leon, and trust me, he's a lot creepier looking in real life.

Of course, Kyle was well aware of Sarah's interest in lobsters, and given that lobsters have only a single mate their entire life (they're true monogomists), Kyle wanted the lobster to play an integral role in the Proposal. it's clear that both lobsters and pigs are a big part of our lives. And it didn't take us too long to figure out the sum was better than the parts - and lobsterpig was born.

The lobsterpig is a rare mixture of both pigs and lobsters, indingenous to the Pacific Northwest. It's front claws help it snag the food it loves so much, while its brilliant piggy brain and lobster anttenae keep it one step ahead of its prey, even in the dark. Ironically enough, bacon is the lobsterpig's main food source, though sometimes he'll have a cupcake for dessert. The lobsterpig, though unfriendly to bacon, is a very friendly animal by nature, and creates strong pair-bonds with other animals. Some lobsterpigs have even become best friends with domestic dogs (terriers typically take to lobsterpigs the best).

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